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Craftsmanship defined by honesty, integrity, and hard work.

A Letter from Clint

Hi there! I'm Clint, the owner and tradesman here at United Roofing and Construction Services.

Ever since I was young, I was taught that honesty, integrity, and hard work are the ingredients to success. Of course, as a young man, I didn’t fully comprehend it then, but eventually, I realized just how true that statement really is.

With that lesson in mind, I started my journey in full-time construction when I was fifteen years old, but this family business began in 2002. I pride myself on doing everything from the ground up: from digging the first footers all the way through framing, roofing, and tiling, before adding the finishing touches with high-quality carpentry. This wide range of specialties gave me the unique privilege of building my family's home - something not everyone gets a chance to do. That skillset also opened up a lot of opportunities in my career, and I’m very grateful for them, but most importantly, I’m thankful for all the close relationships that I established with homeowners, builders, suppliers, and workers over the decades.

Now that I'm a father myself, I'm passing on to my daughters that same lesson — that honesty, integrity, and hard work are what matter most in life — and I'm proud to be bringing that attitude to construction in the Charleston, SC area. If that sounds like someone you want to work with, give me a call at (843) 408-5752.


Clint Mansergh

Completed Projects

Photo of Campbell Rd Job

Steel, coated for resilience

Campbell Rd, Ridgeville
This steel roof, coated in Galvalume for strength, is one of my favorites. I took care of the siding too - it's a board made of James Hardie fiber cement so it won't attract pests or suffer from the elements.
Photo of Trail Hollow Dr Job

Shingles and Velux

Trail Hollow Drive, West Ashley
This house needed a complete reroof, so I fitted it with high-quality, dual-layered, asphalt shingles from the craftsmen at Landmark. While I was at it, the owners had me also install some custom-sized Velux skylights so their living room would feel more open.
Photo of Governors Drive Job

Weathered for character

Governors Drive, Kiawah Island
This one needed to be completely redone as well, so I went back to the folks at Landmark for a batch of eye-catching weathered shingles. They're laminated to replicate the appearance of traditional wood shake, and they come with a four-star lifetime warranty.

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